Aborigines believe that the sacred plants remember the Dreamtime.
After the ritual ingestion they release consciousness. They are the connecting link through which takes place a transcendental journeyto the beginning, the original spark of the uprising.
Therefore they are a very important element and surrounded by great reverence and respect.
The way in which this is harvested prepared and consumed is a ritual in itself.
Ritual and medicinal plants in Aboriginal culture are many. However, at the moment here I present only one, very important.

It's called in the language of Aborigines, plant which it has the power of healing. Is widespread across most of Australia. The main compound is alkaloid nicotine and other psychoactive alkaloids.
To prepare mixture used stems and leaves from the top of the plant after drying. Combined equal portions pituri with the ash obtained from the ritual burning of a different medicinal plants - Acacia, which contains DMT.
DMT as is well known,  has hallucinogenic properties. However, the inhibitors required to activate them. Perhaps a combination of alkaloids Pituri with DMT causes the activation of DMT. As is well known, DMT also is an natural ingredient that occurs naturally in the human brain, and is responsible for creating dreams.

Concoction triturated Pituri and Acacia,  until reaches the consistency of a dark brown paste
and then formed into a longitudinal rollers. Used to chew or smoke inhalation during ceremonies.

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