Didgeridoo is a magical and amazing instrument. Didgeridoo is not only a musical instrument, but also mystical because you can get while playing into deep hypnotic trance and make contact with the world of astral. This is appears when you play longer than two hours without a break.
Aborigines believe that during the rites in a trance, they return to Dreamtime, also that the sound has healing power.
Some bioenergotherapists use the didgeridoo to relax their patients.  Moreover, in some schools of musicotherapy,  masters use the didgeridoo into practice relaxation and breathing training.
Playing the didgeridoo automatically synchronizes brain hemispheres, and this happens through circular breathing and vibration.

Longer playing over 100 min. introduces a deep trance, it changes the perception and can develop all sorts of feelings referring to the exit outside the body, or as claimed Aborigines, you enter to the Dreamtime.

It is necessary to master circular breathing to these practices. You can also sound of the didgeridoo encode subliminally, introducing the word of suggestions when you play.
However, achieving these skills requires a very good mastery of playing and vocal techniques. The appropriate instrument with the appropriate frequency sound, conducive entering the listener and player into a trance.
The way of playing is extremely important. Should not be apply sudden changes in rhythm but modulate long and gently vibrating patterns from a high content of harmonic frequencies.
The words during of playing must be properly pronounced. However, you can use it to make a positive impact on the emotional state of the listener.
This can be provided, however that the listener will be able to relax, and we will create the right atmosphere of peace and security.
This is a great way to release the psyche from stresses and strains.
The technique requires several years of training in order to succeed.
The average player is not able to use this technique, which is an advantage.
Incompetent application would work to the detriment of others. You should have a 100% pure intentions in action.

Didgeridoo works perfectly into "sound massage"
For this purpose, suitable is instruments with a strong sound. Good tones are in the range F-G
Didgeridoo perfectly resonating body cells, it causes a feeling of deep relaxation. It also has health effects.
Often, women who use the didgeridoo sound massage, spoke about pleasant experiences intimate. Some of them under the influence of vibration experienced orgasm.

The listener should lie comfortably. The player should keep the didgeridoo in distances 1 5-20cm from the body of the listener. You can also perform smooth movements over the body of the listener. This is causes a feeling of penetration of sound by body, and enhances the feeling of relaxation.
Didgeridoo is also an excellent tool to help meditation. For this purpose, good instruments is low sound, range B-C tonnes. Select the instrument with a large number of harmonics in the sound.
Meditative style of play is based on playing long and monotonous patterns with a very long exhalation. This is so effective method of meditation with sound.

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